75 Ways to Save on Household Expenses

Participants will gather tips on how to save on various household expenses including utilities, transportation, groceries and personal items. Participants will also be encouraged to share their best practices with each other.

Vacations on a Budget

Participants will learn a variety of ways to save money while planning and going on vacation so they can have fun without worrying about money

Food & Finance

Participants will learn how to create healthy and financially sustainable meal plans and tips on frugal meal plans.

Raising Financially Fit Kids

Parents will learn some easy to implement techniques to teach kids about savings, giving, and spending.

Death, Taxes and Beyond

Participants will learn about the basics of taxes, insurance and estate planning which will enable them to get their financial household in order. 

10 Steps to Retire Without Debt

Participants will learn about debt elimination options so that they can enter their golden years without the shackles of debt.

Mind your Money: an Intoduction to The Psychology of Saving

We know saving money will give us financial security for the future. Even so, we are still tempted to spend our money now instead of putting it away. Why do we do this? Participants in this course will learn about how human beings are naturally inclined to spend and learn different strategies to counter those basic instincts in order to secure their financial future.