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Debt Consolidation Services in Mississauga, Ontario
Objective Non-Profit Options & Advice Beyond What Most Consolidation Companies Offer

Have you been turned down for a debt consolidation loan in Mississauga by the banks or consolidation companies you’ve talked to? Is keeping up with your bills a constant challenge each and every month? Don’t allow constant stress and worry to wear you down. There is a way out. We’re here to help.

We’ll Help You Find the Right Option – Solutions for Problems with Debt Consolidation Loans, Credit Cards or Bad Credit

One of our highly trained, professionally accredited counsellors can lay out all options available to you and help you find the right solution that will work best for your situation—regardless of whether maxed out credit cards, bad credit or other problems have held you back from obtaining a debt consolidation loan up to this point. As a non-profit service, we don’t push any particular solution. Instead, all of our debt consolidation advice and guidance is centered around your needs and the options that will work best for your specific financial situation.

We Can Help You Save Money, Manage Finances and Pay Off Debt

Our counsellors can help you get started immediately with a customized plan to:

  • Explore each of your debt consolidation options to effectively deal with your debt and regain financial stability
  • Repay your debt with one affordable monthly payment that fits your budget
  • Effectively manage all of your bills and living expenses
  • Save thousands in interest expenses

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Global TV and CTV News Interview People We’ve Helped

At times, the news media will speak with people we’ve helped who are comfortable with publicly sharing their experience. Here are just a few of these stories.

Global News interviews Julia Fletcher after she consolidates and pays off her debt with help from the Credit Counselling Society. Watch News Clip

CTV News interviews Dan Robinson after he consolidates and pays off $30,000 in debt with no interest by receiving help from the Credit Counselling Society. Watch the News Story

Charis speaks with Global TV after consolidating with the Credit Counselling Society and paying off nearly $67,000 on over a dozen credit cards. See the Segment

Offering the Best Not for Profit Consumer Debt Consolidation Programs, Interest Relief, and Credit Counselling in Mississauga

The Credit Counselling Society has been helping consumers consolidate their debt payments through our non-profit debt management program and through professional, objective advice since 1996 (over 27 years). We are accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating and have won over 80 awards for our outstanding service and exceptionally high standards.

Our commitment to providing the best credit counselling and debt relief service has resulted in 97% or more of our clients surveyed reporting that they would recommend our services to others over the past 18 years.

To learn more, don’t hesitate to call us and talk with a counsellor. Appointments are free, confidential, and non-judgmental. Call us today at 647-776-0485 or 1-888-527-8999.

Mississauga Office Credit Counselling Society

Mississauga Office

77 City Centre Drive
East Tower, Suite 501
Mississauga, ON L5B 1M5

Phone: 647-776-0485

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We also provide debt consolidation options and services to Brampton, Milton, Oakville, Etobicoke, Erin Mills, Alderwood, Eatonville, Richview, Rexdale, Vaughan, Region of Peel, and Toronto.

There’s Life Beyond Debt for Everyone

“When debts became a problem, I felt very overwhelmed – like I could not see the end of the tunnel. Picking up the phone felt like lifting a 10 pound rock, but they were very cheerful on the other end of the line. I came in, discussed my situation in privacy, and instantly got relief knowing I was in good hands.”

– Delores

Learn More About Various Debt Consolidation Options That are Available

If you’re not quite ready to talk to anyone yet about your situation yet, we have more resources you can use to try to explore all available debt consolidation options on your own.

When you’re ready to chat with us about your consolidated credit options in Mississauga, feel free to connect with us by phone, email, online chat, or even in person at one of our locations in the GTA.

We also help people when they feel that bankruptcy is their only option. Our debt counsellors guide people through all relevant information and explore all alternatives to filing bankruptcy in Mississauga, Ontario so that insolvency can be avoided if at all possible.

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Putting Your Interests First

Our goal is to always put consumers first and look out for their best interests in everything we do. Two ways we do this is through transparency and accountability. Every year, we are held accountable to the most rigorous standards in our industry.

Certified by Great Places to Work Canada
Accredited by Canada’s national association of non-profit credit counselling organizations.
North America’s largest association of non-profit credit counselling organizations.
Accredited by the Better Business Bureau.