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Get ready to enter the one-stop shop for your financial well-being. Tailor your financial journey to meet your needs with your Learning Hub. You can:

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Our Learning Hub is a growing resource with over 25 lessons that are no more than 5 minutes each! You can customize your learning experience by choosing from our most popular topics listed below.


Budgeting is skill set that anyone can learn!  The better news is that we have broken down budgeting into easy to digest courses. In the Learning Hub you can take 5 minute lessons on:

Budgeting Basics

  • Learn about the basics of how to create a successful budget!

Expense Tracking 101

  • Discover how to track your expenses with useful, easy to follow tips.

Goal Setting Your Way To a Better Budget 

  • You can put yourself first by learning how to create a financial goal that works with your budget and not against it.

Paycheque Planning 

  • This lesson will teach you how to match up your budget with your paycheque so that every dollar has a purpose.

Savings Strategies 

  • Learn about different strategies to save money and keep your money safe from yourself!

Understand Your Money Values

  • This lessons delves into understanding what money values are and how our personal money values shape our buying behaviours.

What are Irregular Expenses?  

  • Learn about what categories of expenses irregular expenses fall into. You will also learn about how to create a plan to deal with irregular expenses so you don’t rely on credit.

Why Save for Emergencies?  

  • You will learn about the importance of an emergency fund and how to save for emergencies.

Organizing Your Business Finances 101

  • This lesson will teach you what you should know about organizing your business accounts and the importance of preparing and filing your business taxes.

Unpredictable and Irregular Income

  • This course will introduce you to the basics of unpredictable and irregular income. It will also review the challenges of being on this type of income track and discuss strategies on how to counter the challenges that come along with irregular income.

Organizing Irregular Income – Two Budgets System

  • This lesson helps you understand how creating two different budgets can help you manage an irregular income.

Organizing Irregular Income – Holding Account System

  • This lesson helps you understand how the Holding Account System can help to manage an irregular income.


Ever wondered what the difference between a credit score and a credit report was? Do you know what builds (or reduces) your credit score? Credit can be very confusing and this can lead to decisions that may impact our overall credit profile. Decisions and actions that are seemingly positive may actually impact us negatively. Information is key to making decisions that positively affect our credit and overall financial situation. In the Learning Hub you can take 5-minute lessons on:

Credit Reports, Ratings and Scores

  • Learn how to read your credit reports, ratings and scores just as well as your financial adviser.

Facts & Myths About Credit

  • Which statement is true and false? Learn the facts and myths about credit in this interactive lesson on understanding credit!

The Basics of Credit

  • Know the basics of credit and different types of lending products.

Understanding Credit Cards

  • Credit cards can be used as beneficial tool, in this lesson you will learn how to use this common everyday lending product responsibly.

Ways to Improve Your Credit

  • Learn different strategies on how to improve your credit over time.


Unfortunately, frauds and scams cost Canadians billions of dollars every year. Even savvy consumers can have their identity stolen or be scammed. Join us int he Learning Hub to take 5-minute lessons on:

Identity Theft

  • You will learn about what identity theft is and how to protect yourself.

What Is Fraud?

  • You will learn the the definitions of fraud, phishing and spoofing. You will also learn about some signs to look out for so you don’t fall victim to a phishing scam.

Impersonation Scams

  • You will learn about common types of impersonations scams and how to protect yourself.

Investment Scams

  • You will learn about pyramid schemes and ponzi schemes and how to protect yourself.

Financial Elder Abuse

  • You will learn about elder abuse and what to do in such situations.

Rental Scams

  • You will learn about rental scams and how to protect yourself.

Employment Scams

  • You will learn about employment scams and how to protect yourself.

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