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Are you like us and dream of budgets and credit reports? Just kidding, we don’t dream about budgets. We dream about a world where every Canadian can access financial information and education when they want, how they want, in the ways they want.

In a recent survey we conducted with our clients, we learned that the 4 things that appeal to them about online learning are:

  • I can do it on my own time.
  • I can work at my own pace.
  • I can repeat the learning content as often as I want.
  • I can do it any place, on any device.

We’ve heard you loud and clear and have created a series of self-directed courses for you to take on your own time, at your own pace, and on any device.

You can take our online courses in any order.  In fact, feel free to repeat them.  Even better, do a course with your partner, as a family, with your friends, or in your workplace. And feel free to share them with others.

Get A Financial Fresh Start

Budget Breakers

In this 45-minute course you will learn about the 3 biggest budget breakers most people face – the little expenses, the irregular expenses, and the emergency expenses – and strategies to eliminate them from everyday worry. The interactive activities will really get you thinking about your money habits and spending patterns. This course is filled with tips and information that you can use right away to make a difference to how you spend and manage your money. 

Cautious Consumerism

We often hear about scams and frauds in the news, but usually only after victims come forward to share their stories. The effects of falling victim can be devastating – financially, emotionally, and psychologically. In this 1-hour course you will learn about the most common scams and frauds in Canada, how to avoid them, and also what to do if you become a victim of identity theft. 

Food and Finance

This is our popular 45-minute course to help you learn how to maximize what you spend on groceries. We’ll debunk some myths and realities about food and grocery shopping. We will share some of the best tips for frugal meal plans to help you create healthy and financially sustainable meal plans yourself. We’ve got a smart shopping video for you, along with strategies to make tracking what you spend easier. Groceries will only get more expensive so creating savings with how you shop is smart money management. 

The Truth About Credit

This is by far the most popular topic we get questions about. In this 40-minute course you will learn all about credit and the credit reporting system in Canada. We’ll debunk popular myths around credit. You’ll learn the facts about credit reports, credit ratings, and credit scores, including how to get your own credit report for free. And we’ll of course share tips and strategies for how to protect or repair your credit yourself for free. Don’t miss out on this popular workshop!

Making Cent$ of Money: Budgeting 101

Do you wish your pay cheque or credit card came with instructions? No one is born knowing how to manage their money, yet it’s an important life skill to practice and get good at. In this 45-minute course you will learn the 7 steps behind creating a budget that works. Take control of your finances to give yourself peace of mind and equip yourself with the vital tool you need for creating a financially stable future. 

Have a question for us?

We would be happy to answer any questions you have, whether it be about webinars, workshops, online courses, or our other financial education activities. 


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