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Media Coverage
Featuring the Credit Counselling Society

Our counsellors, educators, and leadership are often called on by media outlets across Canada to provide insight and guidance on topics relating to debt, budgeting, and managing finances better. This is a key part of the work we do in helping Canadians achieve financial wellbeing through education and expert advice. Explore a selection of recent articles, publications, and interviews featuring our staff. 


Navigating the Transition From CERB to EI

Global News interviews President & CEO Scott Hannah for some helpful tips and advice as CERB transitions to EI. 

Financial Literacy Month: Making Sense of Your Money

Global News asks Director of Counselling Isaiah Chan about how to make informed money decisions. 

10 Strategies to Help You Pay Off Your Credit Card

MoneySense interviews President & CEO Scott Hannah for tips to bring down your credit card balance. 


Gifting Financial Courage

Certified Financial Planner Shaun Maslyk interviews President & CEO Scott Hannah about how CCS has helped hundreds of thousands of Canadians.

See Non-Profit Credit Counsellors

Insolvency Counsellor Beau Humphreys interviews Director of Education Stacy Yanchuk-Oleksy about the benefits of seeing a non-profit credit counsellor.

British Columbia

Money Management Tips for Post-Secondary Students

Global News interviews Director of Counselling Isaiah Chan on money management for returning students. 

Use CERB Aid Extension to Plan for Tax & Debt Obligations

The Vancouver Sun asks President & CEO Scott Hannah about what to prioritize financially as the CERB ends. 

BC Government Seeking Unpaid MSP Premiums Totalling $422M

CBC seeks President & CEO Scott Hannah’s expertise on funds owed from unpaid MSP premiums. 


Mortgage Deferrals, Arrears Way Up as Economic Downturn Continues

CTV speaks with Financial Educator Mark Kalinowski on what to do as deferrals increase during COVID-19.

Post-Secondary Graduates Struggle to Pay Student Loans

Global News gets advice from Financial Educator Mark Kalinowski on priorities for students struggling with payments.

What to Do as the CERB Transitions to EI

CTV interviews Financial Educator Mark Kalinowski about transitioning from the CERB to Ei and what to watch out for. 


Tackling Post-Holiday Debt to Help Battle 'Blue Monday'

Global News interviews Credit Counsellor Tanis Ell about advice on dealing with post-holiday bills. 

Action Needed on Payday Loans: ACORN

CTV asks Credit Counsellor Mary Castillo about the dangers of payday loans.

Saskatchewan Residents Living Paycheque-to-Paycheque

Credit Counsellor Tanis Ell provides money management tips for those struggling financially.


Concerns Over Debt During COVID-19 Pandemic

Global News interviews President & CEO Scott Hannah on what Manitobans can do financially during COVID-19. 

Deferring Payments, Mortgages and Investment Opportunities

Global News gets answers to important COVID-19 financial questions from Credit Counsellor Sandra Fry. 

Manitobans Scrambling for Record-Breaking $70M Lotto Max Jackpot

Global News speaks with Credit Counsellor Sandra Fry about what you could do with a $70M jackpot.


1-in-4 Canadians Say They Can't Afford the Holidays This Year

CTV asks Financial Educator Mark Kalinowski for suggestions to save money this holiday season.

Ontario Woman Caught Up in Romance Scam Loses Life Savings

CTV interviews Financial Educator Anne Arbour on the increasing risks of cyber fraud during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Financial Life After CERB May Be Rocky

The Toronto Sun speaks with Director of Education Stacy Yanchuk-Oleksy about what Canadians should do post-CERB. 

Accreditations & Awards

We’re internationally recognized for the great work we do. We’re a BBB Accredited Charity, a member of Credit Counselling Canada, and an international affiliate of the National Foundation for Credit Counselling. We’ve received Consumer Choice Awards in 7 regions and 2 Excellence in Financial Literacy Education awards.

Certified by Great Place to Work Canada.
Accredited by Canada’s national association of non-profit credit counselling organizations.
North America’s largest association of non-profit credit counselling organizations.
Accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

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