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Is Credit Counselling for You?

Credit counselling is for anyone who wants to get out of debt, reduce their financial stress, or manage their money better. Some people come to us because credit card bills are overwhelming them and they feel like their payments are never going to end. Others want help with making a budget and controlling their personal expenses. Whatever your financial challenges are, a credit counsellor can help you create a plan to solve them. We believe that financial well-being is achievable for everyone.
Talking to Credit Counsellor

Find Your Debt Solution

It’s normal to feel confused or lost when trying to figure out solutions for difficult problems like what to do about debt that’s gotten out of hand. That’s why many Canadians turn to experts to help guide them in the right direction. Our credit counsellors are personal financial experts who can give you the information and tools needed to overcome your financial challenges. Talking to us is free, confidential, and perhaps just what you need to get back on track.

Our credit counsellors understand how hard it can be to talk about debt. Many people think they will be judged or blamed for their current financial situation. But we all make mistakes and have times when we need a little help to get back on our feet. We’re not here to judge you or give you more stress, but to help you find real solutions with kind and honest guidance. We listen to your concerns, understand your overall situation and goals, and provide you with free, unbiased guidance and information.

How Credit Counselling Works

Our credit counselling is a free service done through appointments in person or by phone. Your personal credit counsellor will review your financial situation with you, including your challenges and goals. We’ll tell you your options, answer your questions, and give you as much time as you need to make the best choice for you. You might find that a single counselling session gives you all the information you wanted so that you don’t need to contact us again. We’re totally fine with that and happy to have helped.

If you do keep working with us, such as through a debt management program, you’ll be supported by your credit counsellor and our experienced team. Whether you need help affording an unexpected expense, want to go over your budget again, or have to change something because life changes, we’ll always be just a quick phone call or email away. This support will continue even after you become debt free.

Credit Counselling Works

Our goal is to help you achieve financial well-being for life, and that includes helping you rebuild your credit, keep a balanced budget, and plan for the future.

Want to know exactly where to start?

Just answer these 4 simple questions

Simply respond to these 4 easy, multiple-choice questions to see how we can help you. It only takes a minute, and you might be surprised by what you learn.

A diagram, infographic, and flow chart showing how the Credit Counselling Society helps people.

What Happens When You Contact Us

Click on the left diagram to can see an overview of what happens when you contact us for help. It all starts with a chat on the phone, online, or by email. After letting us know what you need, we’ll either help you on the spot or, if your situation requires more than a quick answer, we’ll get you an appointment with one of our professionally trained credit counsellors.

You can meet our credit counsellors in person or over the phone and they will review your financial situation with you, help you create a realistic budget, and then explore all your available options. Once you know about these options, you can then choose your next steps.

Your Personal Information is Safe & Confidential

While we do need to learn about your situation to better help you, everything we discuss is confidential and will be kept between you and your counsellor. We will not share any information outside of our organization unless you give us explicit permission and instruction to do so. Rest assured that talking to us will not affect your credit rating or anything else because your creditors won’t even know we’ve met.

Confidential Files

What People Are Saying About Us

We take great pride in the fact that 98% of our clients would recommend us to others. That’s why our largest source of referrals is from people we’ve previously helped. Here’s what some of them have to say:

Thank you doesn’t seem to be enough for helping me change my life and my future. Your patience and understanding was so very helpful and appreciated. I know that I am on the right track.


It is finally over! You made the process a lot easier. I am relieved that my mother and I won’t be homeless. Now that this heavy weight has been lifted I can move on with the rest of my life.


I am extremely appreciative of your help and vast knowledge for organizing matters that I could not accomplish on my own. Thank you for assisting me in my goal of a debt free future.


Do you have questions?

Get debt help now

If you're struggling and are wondering how to move forward, give us a call. We're happy to answer your questions and help with any financial advice you need. It's possible that all you need at the present time is the right information or a plan for how to move forward once your situation improves. Give us a call if you have any questions. Speaking with us is always free, confidential and non-judgmental.

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