Lower Interest, 1 Monthly Payment

Consolidate your debt payments with Canada’s largest non-profit credit counselling organizaton.

Lower Interest, 1 Monthly Payment

Consolidate your debt payments with Canada’s largest non-profit credit counselling organizaton.

Simplify your debts into 1 monthly payment with award winning, non-profit help.

Tired of making multiple debt payments every month? Trying to juggle and deal with all of your creditors at once can feel overwhelming. We’ve helped over 800,000 Canadians gain peace of mind by transforming their many debts into 1 monthly payment that fits their needs. We negotiate with creditors on your behalf to make a repayment plan that works for you. Often, this can mean lowering interest rates to 0.


We won’t just help you get out of debt. We’ll help you learn how to never go back.

Our non-profit mission is to help every Canadian achieve financial wellbeing. The debt you have now doesn’t define you, and once you get rid of it, you’ll have better years ahead. A certified credit counsellor will support you every step of the way, including the consolidation of your debt payments, making a plan to help you achieve financial success, and turning that plan into reality.

Why us?

We have a proven track record of helping Canadians break free from debt.


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Clients Who Recommend Us

It changed my life

When I came to the Credit Counselling Society three years ago I was terrified to answer my phone, my job was in jeopardy because creditors were calling me at work, and I avoided checking my mailbox for fear of the horrors that might await me there. CCS was able to negotiate with my creditors and relieve the immediate stress. Having all of my debt payments rolled into one manageable payment changed my life. CCS has helped me to turn my life around.


Dylan Gadwa
Dylan Gadwa2021-04-05

Mark Christensen was amazing! Recently spoke to Rhonda who is incredible too! All of the staff is great, very professional and understanding. Highly recommend their service.

Belen Aceves
Belen Aceves2021-03-09

Fantastique, meilleur en matière de conseils et d'opinion sur la façon de s'en sortir face à une situation financière.

Denise Ryan
Denise Ryan2020-11-15

Very good response time, and the agent was so helpful and understanding! I have a very clear idea of my options now, and I didn't feel judged at all.

Sandor Dugalin
Sandor Dugalin2020-10-15

A family member recommended credit counselling society to me and it took me months to get the courage to call but I'm so glad I did, I'm debt free now thanks to the credit counselling with their wonderful counsellors and every member of staff I came in contact with , truly professional and friendly! I highly recommend this company and you will not regret it!!!!!

alice da silva
alice da silva2020-09-05

Hi had the opportunity to get connected with Kelly Peckitt. I must say, she was highly professional, extremely knowledgeable, and totally understanding. She addressed my questions and guided me so well that I felt so relieved. When I called I had some very important and some silly questions for her, but she did not let me feel at any given point that I was asking her too many questions. I am SO IMPRESSED with her service.Awesomely good job Kelly. Thank you. God Bless.

Karim Vadsaria
Karim Vadsaria2020-08-15

Melody Starr
Melody Starr2020-08-15

silvia carlson
silvia carlson2020-05-15

The counsellors at Credit Counselling Society have been truly amazing!! However, Mark Christensen has truly helped me to realize my potential to adhere to and successfully complete the program. He has been highly supportive. He has given me great advice and suggestions on customized webinars that will target my weaker areas. The general webinars I took in the beginning are insightful, and I learned that I was far from being alone. With Mark's support, along with all the respectful counsellors and people working to make this less stressful for me, I know, without a doubt, I will become debt free, and I will learn invaluable tools about my own spending and saving habits. This experience, given to me through the Credit Counselling Society, will only help me achieve greater financial control and responsibility for my future!Yeah me!Thanks CCS!!OliveUPDATE!I officially finished my program paying off over $36,000 in debt over 5 years!I now know how to budget better and am going to start with a clean slate and a better crediting rating!THANK YOU again to Mark Christensen for his spectacular support and guidance!Many blessings,Olive

Olive Rose
Olive Rose2020-04-12

I had a convenient 1 hour telephone conversation with Rhonda where I was given valuable information and alternatives to deal with my situation. Rhonda was very professional and courteous. She listened to my concerns and helped me with a reasonable budget and referred me to a great insolvency trustee who I'm continuing to work with.

Carlos Hicks
Carlos Hicks2020-04-12

I would highly recommend the Credit Counseling Society. Everyone I have spoken to is very professional, friendly and non-judgemental.

Rebecca Romalis
Rebecca Romalis2020-04-12

Professional and helpful. I was so nervous going in but that quickly dissipated once I got to talking to my counselor. I had done a lot of research beforehand so I knew that the Credit Counselling Society was reputable and Not-for-Profit. I had a lot of questions going in and they answered all of them. They even let me read the agreement before it was personalized so that I had an idea of what it covered. I feel so much better now that I am moving towards a more financially sustainable life.

CM Alexander
CM Alexander2020-04-12

Seriously an amazing resource! Better than anything that have in the United States.

You are offering enormous support for our society. I hope you can help people to handle their financial problems and save their lives by living free of debt. All of your stuff should be proud of doing that.

Mike Coca
Mike Coca2020-04-05

The person I talked to explained things very well and gave hope that I shall be able to get out of debt. She was straight forward and she definitely helped me understand what I could do in my situation and what laws are in place that will help me ultimately balance my budget.

Ruth D. Shultz
Ruth D. Shultz2020-03-15

Recieved great advice how to deal with some financial matters. Found out a few things to. Didn't need to go into an office was all done over the phone.

Paula Ewaski
Paula Ewaski2020-03-05

I just wish to publicly Say Thank You to Credit Counselling Society for their on going help, patience and understanding. And their ability to be flexible in scheduling vi phone call or in personI would recommend them 100%Cheers

lee G
lee G2020-03-05

Mike Rodger
Mike Rodger2020-03-05

Sher Singh
Sher Singh2019-04-12

I am very happy that I called this place. I was extremely stressed out and Janelle (hope I spelled your name correctly) was amazing. She was very patient with me as I explained my situation and she told me about my various options and what I could do. I even learned something new that I hadn't known before about debt and government assistance.I came away from the call feeling much better, like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I've since followed the advice I was given and it looks like things will get better quickly.Overall a great service with compassionate and knowledgeable staff. Keep up the great work!

Jessica Smith
Jessica Smith2019-04-12

Phillip was extremely helpful and I walked out feeling like a weight had been lifted. This is a fabulous service and I would recommend it to anyone. They explain things in plain English and lighten your spirits.

Johanna Faulk
Johanna Faulk2019-04-12

Nazreen was knowledgeable, understanding and friendly. She understood my circumstances and offered options applicable to my circumstances and emailed me back the same day after I thought of additional questions and required confirmation of facts earlier discussed.

Ollie O
Ollie O2019-04-12

Phillip was accommodating and helped me handle my situation. He responded quickly to my concerns.

Sani Bas
Sani Bas2019-04-12

Everything about this firm was professional and incredibly helpful. From the lady setting up the initial appointment to my session(s) with the counselor (Phil) - everything was great!They have been an important part of my journey to get my life back on track and get control of my financial situation, which has been putting pressure on me during my entire adult life.Hope other people use the service to better themselves, as I can attest to their top-quality assistance. Good luck to all that go.

Jim Mylonas
Jim Mylonas2019-04-12

Highly recommended, very empathetic, and professional. It was a very informative learning experience

O T2019-04-12

I highly recommend the Credit Counselling Society. My representative was very professional. She had guided and counselled me throughout. Was very happy to find a service that is actually free. The counselor helped to ease some of the anxiety I have been feeling about our debt and make some very helpful suggestions on how to move forward.

camela Figueira
camela Figueira2019-04-12

Very professional and helpful.

after 2 years of much grief over loaning out on my credit card, I was so refreshed with explanations told me by them and so very kind

Aline Legault
Aline Legault2019-04-12

Had a health crisis a few years back that put me in a lot of debt.I found the number of The Credit Counselling Society with the help of my worker at Progress Place..we chose an organization that would provide FREE services. I called The Credit Counselling Society and they immediately set up an appointment with Melanie Luchkow..a credit counsellor. When I spoke to Melanie her calm and reassuring voice immediately put me at ease.She shared with me the information I was seeking in a way in which I could understand and as soon as I hung up the phone..my worries were put at ease and I BECAME DEBT FREE. Thank you Melanie and the Credit Counselling Society..you provide a very valuable service not just in regard to our overall financial health but our physical and emotional well-being too.

Andrew Antoine
Andrew Antoine2019-04-12

Michael Magajes
Michael Magajes2019-04-12

Great Service!!! Highly recommend using them

Rick Holden
Rick Holden2019-04-12

Absolutely wonderful staff. Professional, supportive and non judgemental. Did a telephone appointment because of weather. Easy to get to by public transit.

I received the best explanation on how to deal with my debt.No service has helped me so much until now.Great service, clear information, a real help to make the right decision in regards to my debt.

Catalina R
Catalina R2018-04-12

I had the very good experience with my counselor and would recommend individuals to go if needed.

Tara Autwal
Tara Autwal2017-04-12

I am a self-employed professional singer and voice coach and I thought no one understood the unusual circumstances of my business. I just had my first appointment with Stephanie and it open my eyes. I even cried a little because till now I always felt all alone. I am now looking at my budget in a completely different way.

wonderful service, really feel satisfied after talking to the agent

Araib Saad
Araib Saad2016-04-12

The program has helped me immensely by helping my consolidate my debt and negotiating an interest free payment schedule with my creditors. I am now on track to being debt free within 3 years, something I didn't think was going to be possible. My counsellor gave me great advice on ways to save, invest and generally make better decisions with how I use my money. This is an amazing service!

Ainsley K
Ainsley K2016-04-12

This agency was most helpful in providing sound and non-judgmental advice regarding my financial situation. Very professional and approachable.

Marg O'Leary
Marg O'Leary2016-04-12

Great, professional, and caring members - provide real solutions and positive perspectives on financial help.

Lynn Griffin
Lynn Griffin2016-04-12

I would recommend this agency if you have debt problems. My Counsellor (Mark Christensen) was very professional and gave me good advice about my options and suggestions on improving my budget. I feel more at ease with what I need to do to move forward.

Mike M
Mike M2016-04-12

Will recommend their services to anyone with minor/major personal financial difficulties.

larrie homer
larrie homer2016-04-12

Great staff, great team, great support and great service! I am very grateful as you can tell 😉

Tilmon Gallant
Tilmon Gallant2016-04-12

alex joseph
alex joseph2015-04-12

After the first interview, I'm really not that impressed. It still all comes back to the fact that I need to earn more money. Wouldn't that solve everyone's problem? I guess I could say the counsellor was friendly and professional, but there really were no solutions.

Allan Clements
Allan Clements2015-04-12

Was very happy to find a service that is actually free and not just a scam to get my money. The counselor helped to ease some of the anxiety I have been feeling about our debt and make some very helpful suggestions on how to move forward.I would definitely recommend this company if you are looking for debt support.

Adam Connor
Adam Connor2015-04-12

I would highly recommend this to anyone with credit issues. The councillors are caring, knowledgeable and they can help you get on track.

Ric Garcia
Ric Garcia2015-04-12

This is an absolutely wonderful programme! The counsellors check in with you. The Webinars are a very valuable tool!I would highly recommend this to anyone with credit problems.