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Credit Counselling Society is BBB & CCC Accredited
Choosing a Credit Counselling Service

Each year over 250,000 Canadian households contact a member agency of Credit Counselling Canada (CCC), like the Credit Counselling Society, for help with their debt and money management problems. Credit Counselling Canada sets the national standards for quality credit counselling, debt repayment / reduction services and education for financial well being.

Credit Counselling Service
Non Profit, Professional Counsellors – Find the Right Debt Solution Agency

Before entering into an agreement with a credit counselling service, check them out, ask questions to determine if the agency is non-profit, has properly trained counsellors on staff, and offers free and low-cost services. It could be the difference between finding the right solution versus making a costly financial mistake.

Credit Counselling Information & Hallmarks of a Good Agency

It’s in your best interest to find out if:

  • their counsellors provide objective information and advice or are really sales people whose main goal is to sign you up for a debt relief or consolidation plan when you may only need money management assistance
  • the agency is properly licensed in the Province(s) it operates in
  • they have any unresolved complaints that have been filed with the Better Business Bureau or provincial regulatory licensing office
  • their financial records and trust account are audited by an outside accounting firm confirming that the agency is financially stable and all funds are accounted for
  • they provide ongoing support, education and guidance to their clients
Testimonial speech

It’s OK to ask for help with debt

Life just happened. My debt got to the point where I started to feel like I was drowning. I didn’t feel like I could fix it on my own, and I wanted to start living my life as an adult without debt. I decided to reach out for help. Feeling relieved, I knew that everything was going to be okay – a lot of work – but okay. I had a plan to pay back my debt and continue doing the things I love to do like yoga and travelling.


Professional Credit Counselling

The Credit Counselling Society values the relationship we develop with each of our clients and with those who contact us to inquire about the services we provide. Our aim is to provide a professional, efficient, helpful and friendly service. If we have not met or exceeded your expectations please contact our Vice President of Programs & Services who will ensure that action is taken and that you receive a timely response.

It’s your money and credit – don’t hand it over to just anyone.

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Having Trouble With Your Debts?

We can help. Give us a call at 1-888-527-8999 or send us a quick note to call you back and we’ll be in touch to answer any questions you may have about debt. We’ll help you find a solution that works best for you.


Certified by Great Places to Work Canada
Accredited by Canada’s national association of non-profit credit counselling organizations.
North America’s largest association of non-profit credit counselling organizations.
Accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

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Our Qualifications

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