Complaint Resolution

Read about our 3-step process to fairly resolving complaints at CCS.

Complaint Resolution Process at the Credit Counselling Society

The Credit Counselling Society (CCS) is committed to quality and taking excellent care of our clients. The concerns you share give us an opportunity to improve our services.  CCS will attempt to resolve your concerns in an impartial, timely, professional, and confidential manner. If you choose to make a complaint, CCS will continue to treat you fairly regardless of the complaint. The following process will assist you in resolving your complaint:

Step One

Try to resolve the issue with the staff member who is directly assisting you. This can be done through whichever mode of communication is most comfortable for you (i.e. email, phone, or in-person).

Step Two

If the issue cannot be resolved with the staff member, or you are not comfortable contacting them, then contact their direct manager (call 1-888-725-5773, press 2, and the staff member who answers will be able to provide you with their manager’s phone number). Be prepared to provide a brief description of the concern in writing with your name and daytime telephone number. The manager will contact you within two (2) business days to further clarify and/or address your concerns.

Step Three

If your concern is not addressed to your satisfaction through Steps One or Two, you may direct your concern to the Vice President – Operations in writing at

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