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Financial Resources to Help You Move Forward

Looking for credible resources and financial information? The Credit Counselling Society has curated helpful resources on financial literacy, debt management, and budgeting.

Money Management Basics

Learn how to set your personal finances on a solid financial footing with practical, expert tips on how to create a spending plan, plan for the unexpected, lower expenses, increase income, repay debt, and set financial goals.

Getting Help from Credit Counselling Service
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Understanding Credit

Learn all about credit reports and how credit scores are determined. You can also learn a lot of tips on how to use a credit card but not end up in debt and how to avoid mistakes that are costly both to your wallet and your credit score.

Debt Repayment Resources

Learn practical tips and advice to pay down debt as quickly as possible.

If you’re really struggling with your debt and are wondering if any kind of debt consolidation or debt relief options might be available, you can find out in a few minutes by just answering a short series of questions.

We can also provide you with guidance to overcome your current financial challenges and achieve your goals with free credit counselling provided by a certified credit counsellor.

To speak with a credit counsellor now or to make an appointment for a different time, call 1-855-232-2888 and press 1

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For additional support or information, please contact:

Margarita Radzevich
Community Librarian