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Welcome to Your Personal Financial Guidance Hub!

Are you looking to improve your financial management skills? Need assistance with understanding and tackling your debt? Curious about how budgeting can help you take control of your finances? Struggling to grasp the intricacies of credit? You’re in the right place.

Your employer is working with the Credit Counselling Society to provide you with support and tools to help with your financial wellness.

Explore the FREE resources below and start your journey to financial wellness today.

Debt Help

Call 1-855-232-2888 to access free and confidential credit counselling for help with credit and debt.

Use the referral code “McMaster” and CCS will waive the set-up fee for any new Debt Management Program.

Debt Management Program Credit Counsellor
Budgeting guidelines for individual and household spending displayed on a laptop screen.

Financial Resources

Find resources, tools, a personal finance blog, and information on budgeting, credit, and money management guidance. Providing proven guidance to help you make smart money choices, this comprehensive resource provides a wealth of educational tools to help you plan for the future.

Money Management Tips

You’ll find loads of practical money management tips in our step-by-step, budgeting workbook and budget calculator spreadsheet that provides tips based on your specific situation.

A woman writing down a list of payday loan debts on a notepad.

For free credit counselling call 1-855-232-2888.

Connect with your Workplace Health & Well-being department at

Don’t forget to ask your Workplace Health & Well-being representative to register for the next Retirement Planning webinar series: a 3 part series of 2 hour webinars offered in collaboration with the Credit Counselling Society.