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Don’t turn your bad hair day into a budget holiday!

by Julie Jaggernath

What Does Having a Bad Hair Day Really Mean?

Don't turn a bad hair day into a break from your budget.We’ve all heard the expression of someone “having a bad hair day.” But what does it really mean? I think it’s safe to say that for most, it means more than a bad hair-style day. It means that they’re having trouble with some of the tasks and decisions they need to make that day, or that they’re dissatisfied with some part of their day.

If this has ever happened to you, you know how frustrating it can be when a seemingly benign task takes on monumental proportions. And how come that small, insignificant detail that you hardly noticed yesterday suddenly turns into a big deal? Blame it on a bad hair day!

Bad Hair Days Can Wreak Havoc on Your Budget

In truth, bad hair days are pretty normal for most people, at least every once in a while. If you don’t call it a bad hair day, think back to a day when you made a bad choice…. maybe at work, talking to your spouse, emailing a friend your “honest” opinion, or worse, when shopping. Bad hair days at the mall or grocery store can send our budget, right along with our emotions, into a tail spin that takes us weeks to recover from.

How to Fix Bad Hair Days

So, if you’ve ever looked back on all the shopping bags left unopened (and carefully hidden) in your closet and wondered what you were thinking, get over the holiday you took from your budget and plant your feet firmly back on home soil. Get back to basics with your budget, living a cash life-style, paying off your debts and looking forward to the future.

“Back when,” they didn’t need to worry about bad hair days or budget holidays. It didn’t matter what the Jones’ thought and everyone lived within their means…. which was easy to do without the temptation of spending with credit. In case you hadn’t heard, being budget conscious is fashionable again, especially now that the whole world keeps talking about money. Makes you wonder if the old way of doing things might not have been so bad after all!


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