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Learn who is eligible and when it’s the best option for dealing with your debt.
  1. Debt Settlement
  2. How to Find a Trust Worthy Debt Help or Debt Settlement Organization

What a Reputable Debt Help Organization Looks Like

If you are looking for help with your debts, you should choose an organization you can trust. We believe that a company or organization that helps people with their debts should meet the following criteria:

  • Be an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with a high rating. Any consumer debtor protection company in Canada should also only have a limited number of complaints in it’s BBB reviews; any more than 1 or 2 complaints is a lot.
  • Be licensed and bonded by the provincial government appointed consumer protection agency in the province they are serving. If an organization isn’t licensed you have little recourse if something goes wrong.
  • Be accountable to a recognized Canadian national association. National associations set minimum standards for service and ethical behaviour.
  • Be a registered in Canada as a non-profit organization. A for-profit company can offer the same services as a non-profit society, but they are typically not held to the same standards of transparency and accountablity. For-profit companies also tend to charge for services that non-profits often offer for free or at a very low cost.
  • Have professionally accredited Counsellors.
  • Have a solid track record of many years and a good reputation in all communities that they serve.
  • Have the trust and cooperation of your creditors. If a debt settlement organization doesn’t have a good relationship with your creditors, it will be extremely hard for them to successfully negotiate a settlement with them.

We meet and exceed all of these criteria, and we think that every other reputable organization in our industry should too.

If you need debt help, give us a call and our professionally certified Debt Settlement Specialists or Credit Counsellors can help you explore all of your options—including a debt settlement with your creditors (we do suggest these when they make sense, but they typically only make sense for less than 2% of the people that we see). But regardless of what your situation is, if you need help with your debts, we are here to help.




See if debt settlement makes sense for you.

Speak with a non-profit credit counsellor.

Debt settlements are just one of 7 debt relief options available in Canada (5 are available in all provinces). Before deciding to pursue a specific option, it would be wise to speak with a credit counsellor, review your situation, and determine which option is going to help you achieve your financial goals. Speaking with our counsellors is always free and confidential.

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