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75 Money Saving Tips on Household Expenses
Fun & Free Public Online Webinar

Presented by the Education Team

Looking for good money saving tips that you can start doing fast? What about ones that work on a tight budget, for families of all sizes? The cost of living continues to rise every year, yet many of our wages aren’t keeping up. Everything from groceries to utilities and even transportation is getting more expensive. In times like these, just knowing the top money savings tips may not be enough. After all, the best way to save money is to get every advantage you can.

Learn 75 Practical, Creative Ways to Save Money

Rather than overwhelm you with 250 money saving tips or waste your time with 5 tips, our free webinar will teach you 75 practical, creative, and even fun ways to save money in Canada. The point isn’t to memorize all 75 tips, but to get a wide range of different ideas that you can pick from and try out. You’ll learn how to:

  • Cut your electricity bill with simple fixes like changing your light bulbs
  • Chill your heating costs by turning down your thermostat while you’re out
  • Sink your water bill by putting a sealed jug of water in your toilet tank
  • Save on cable, phone, and internet charges each month
  • Put your grocery budget on a diet by creating a meal plan and shopping outside supermarkets
  • Use the slow cooker miracle!
  • Optimize your transportation spending by comparing the cost of owning a vehicle versus using public transportation
  • Plan entertainment activities that are fun for your family, your friends, and your wallet
  • Blend in some easy tips to reduce your personal expenses (clothes, fitness, books, and more)
  • Lower the stress of spending for gifts and special occasions like birthdays and holidays
Money Saving Tips

When every dollar has a job, every dollar saved will be another worker to take care of you and your family. Saving even a few dollars on monthly expenses can really add up!

Sign Up for a Webinar & Learn 75 Money Saving Tips
Next Steps

This interactive and fun webinar seminar on money saving tips will last about 55 minutes. We take a “grab and go” approach – grab an idea or two and go try it. You’ll also have a chance to share any money saving tips you have and hear the tips of other participants. Everyone will walk away with actionable ideas, resources, and a copy of everything we covered if you’d like it. And if you need more individualized help, we’re happy to provide that too. Look over our free public webinar calendar and register for a session today!

Last Updated on July 10, 2024

Want to Learn More?

Every week, our financial educators host free webinars that you can sign up for right now. You’ll come away with practical tips you can use right away. Join a session from the comfort of your home or wherever is most convenient for you.

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