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Learn How Your Situation Stacks Up Compared to Others
See if there may be any options available to you

Perhaps your situation feels bleak – as though you have no options left. For many people, that’s not always the case. See how your situation stacks up compared to others going through something similar and see if any debt relief options are available for your type of situation. Just answer the questions below and then click the green button.

Self Assessment of Debt Relief Options

Help Us Understand Your Situation

What is your primary financial concern right now?

Are any of these happening in your life at this time? (Check all that apply)

Monthly Income

What is your household’s primary source of income?

How many people live in your household (including children)?

in your household

Monthly Expenses


Roughly what do you pay each month for your rent,
mortgage, heating, electricity, water, and taxes?

$ per month


How much do you spend each month on groceries,
snacks, and eating out? Again, we're just looking for a rough estimate here.

$ per month


What do you spend each month on car payments,
gas, insurance, vehicle maintenance, taxi fare, and transit fare.

$ per month

Medical Expenses

$ per month

Support Payments

$ per month

Debt Payments

Do you have a mortgage?

If you added up all your unsecured consumer debt, how much would it be? (credit card debt, payday loans, outstanding line of credit or overdraft balance, unsecured loans, etc.)

$ unsecured consumer debt


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