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Past President & CEO of the Credit Counselling Society  

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In Memoriam: Scott Hannah
Past President & CEO

Scott Hannah walked his talk, helping, educating, and inspiring hope in those who were touched by his words and work. Recognized as a genuine and respected leader, he cared deeply about people – above all his family, but also friends, colleagues, clients, business associates, and consumers. His steadfast encouragement and passionate resolve to support those who needed it most, became hallmarks of his values.   

Scott’s unique style of coaching and mentoring was punctuated by humour and tangible accountability, supported by quips equating personal development or the quest to become financially literate to a marathon, rather than a sprint. Never one to shy away from a friendly coffee bet, he doled out reminders to take setbacks in stride, and to walk before running; however, run he did.  

Scott Lived an Active Life

Scott lived an active life. He often shared anecdotes from coaching his sons’ youth soccer teams, a joy in his life that was later replaced by an ever-increasing love of golf. Fitting his runners into his suitcase when travelling became as necessary a part of his packing as his trend-setting shirts and ties. He took pride in doing his own ironing, as much for financial reasons as practical ones. He swam lengths on his lunch breaks, competing against his own times, or, in truth, to beat the 80-year-old who often bested him. Scott took up speedwalking to replace running when his knees and back demanded it, sharing proudly how his technique was improving with practice.   

A Wealth of Knowledge in the Credit Community

Scott Hannah was tapped by the credit granting community to establish the Credit Counselling Society (CCS) in 1996. His previous work experience as a credit industry professional with an interest in personal fitness training and an unquestionable work ethic, positioned him for the challenge. A focused vision combined with a passion to help others, ensured CCS’s humble beginnings flourished into the organization it is today. “Decades later, CCS continues the important work of helping thousands of Canadians manage through their financial challenges successfully,” reflects Isaiah Chan, long-time employee of CCS and current Vice President of Programs & Services.    

Though the profile of Scott’s day-to-day work increased over time to include being a sought-after advisor for the media and a thought leader for the consumer finance industry, he never lost sight of putting the needs of others first. Whether it be one-on-one counselling for a client, cleaning out boxes in the storage room with staff, speaking with a first-time caller to the organization, or supporting initiatives to raise thousands of dollars for local foodbanks, Scott was there and willing to help. His genuine care for others extended to an unwavering commitment to consumer protection. As he worked on policy change with every level of government and industry associations, Scott ensured the best interests of consumers remained at the heart of every decision.

Scott Hannah CEO Credit Counselling Society

“Learning to manage your money and use credit wisely shouldn’t be a marathon; rather, slow and steady will win the race.” ~ Scott Hannah

A Legacy of Financial Wellbeing

Scott’s commitment to health and overall wellbeing extended to that of his CCS team. Always one to take someone under his wing, and encouraging them to plan for their future, Scott believed in providing a ‘hand up’ not a ‘hand out.’ Peta Wales, President & CEO of CCS acknowledges, “It became evident to me upon succeeding Scott after his retirement, that I had inherited an incredible organization with a culture of caring so rarely seen – not just for the clients and communities we serve, but for each other. It is to Scott’s credit that the organization holds fast to his values of wise stewardship, honesty, integrity, and compassion.”

It is with immense sadness that we announce the loss of Scott. He passed away on June 17, 2023, highly regarded and respected for a career spent making a tangible difference in the lives of millions of Canadians. All those who knew him will be forever grateful that his family shared their father, husband, son, and brother with the nation. Scott leaves behind an indelible legacy and a team motivated and inspired to continue helping, educating, and giving hope to millions more.

Scott Hannah Memorial Scholarship

In memory of Scott Hannah and his ceaseless work to promote financial literacy, the Credit Counselling Society has established a memorial scholarship.


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