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This made our day: people tell us how we’ve helped them with our non profit debt relief

Like so many of you, all of us at the Credit Counselling Society work hard every day. The only difference is that we get to help people solve their debt problems, provide debt relief, and find solutions to their financial problems. Because this is a normal part of our everyday, we sometimes forget how big a difference the help we give makes in the lives of our clients. Credit counseling helps people eliminate their financial stress, sleep better at night, find debt options that work and avoid bankruptcy.

Our clients’ experiences

Today, as comments from our client survey came back to us, we were reminded by so many of our clients what a difference we’ve been able to make in their lives. As staff read the comments, it was suggested that we share some of them with you. Here’s a small sample of what we received; people who could be your friend or colleague, commenting about their experience with the Credit Counselling Society and how their Counsellor helped them to stop worrying about their financial problems:

“Feeling understood and un-judged made it easier to cope with having to talk about such a difficult topic. It was hard enough to make the call and wait for the appointment. My counsellor made it very easy to talk and understood my tears.”

“Many of times I thought of ending my life over this situation. I am ever so thankful I came in and seen you. You pointed me in the right direction.” “The staff are very friendly and are able to put people at ease, even when the problems seem insurmountable.” “You provide a good service. Thank you for your assistance.” “Thanks to the Credit Counselling Society for their help!” “Thanks — I didn’t feel judged, I felt human” “You offer a fantastic service. I am sincerely thankful.” “I had originally spoken with a company who was a “profit” company…not like your a non-profit agency. I feel extremely pressured and felt like a failure. Your company treated me with respect, reassured me, helped develop a plan and for the first time in my life…feel like I am holding myself accountable for my spending. I make a very good salary and wish I had developed the skills… you are teaching me…much earlier in my life. Thank you! :-)” “The Counsellor who helped me had great communication skills, was professional, positive and non-judgmental. I felt I could cut through the drama of my situation and get right to the facts. I am glad that she did not exhibit “pity” for my circumstances. She actually helped me to see that I had more to gain by fighting for my right to receive support from my ex-husband than I did by simply capitulating to his unreasonable offers. She empowered me and I left with a sense of direction and control. I may visit your service again once my money picture is more stable for insight on how to move forward with my finances. Thank you very much for this service.” [sic]

Quality credit counselling and non profit debt relief makes a massive difference in people’s lives

While the benefits of providing non profit debt relief and help may seem obvious, when you do it everyday, sometimes you forget what a massive impact it has in the lives of those you help. Sometimes it’s great to be reminded of why we do what we do and what a difference it’s making in the lives of others.


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