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What you can expect from Credit Counselling

Q: I’ve been picking up mail at a friend’s house while they’re away and can’t help but notice how many bills they get. They’ve made a few comments in the past that made me wonder about their financial situation, and now with the bills, I’m pretty sure that they should get some help. Is this something credit counselling can help with?

A: Getting into debt is not something most people plan to do; it’s that slow accumulation of a little extra spending, an unanticipated expense, maybe a car repair bill was more than what they’d planned – and before they know it, they can’t pay their credit card off each month like they used to.

Debt and Financial Issues have a Way of Sneaking Up on People

People tend to be creatures of habit. Our spending habits keep us connected to what’s important to us: our lifestyle, friends, family and activities we enjoy – and as a result, most people don’t change their spending behaviour when they start to feel the pinch. It’s more comfortable to do what we’re familiar with, so someone may seek out additional credit to maintain their lifestyle, before they make adjustments to cut back. This could explain the bills you’re seeing at your friend’s house.

How a Good Credit Counselling Agency will Help

If your friend were to contact a reputable and licensed credit counselling agency, they will receive help to get their finances back under control and objectively review all options to resolve their situation. They will also be treated with respect. Over the years, countless clients have shared success stories about how credit counselling has helped them get to back on track. They can sleep better at night again, they don’t need to worry about a collector calling them at work, they have better relationships with their family and friends, but most of all they no longer need to feel embarrassed about their finances.

Different Financial Problems Require Different Solutions

Credit counselling helps different people in different ways. Sometimes the best help we can give is showing someone how to manage things better on their own. Maybe they need some help with their budget or practical strategies to control their impulse spending. Counselling appointments are confidential, and along with educational materials are always free at non-profit credit counselling agencies.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

No one likes to admit they’re having money or debt problems. Clients tell us they wished they had contacted us sooner but felt embarrassed and struggled on their own before seeking help. Unfortunately, waiting to get help usually makes things worse.

Your friend is not alone. With reliable financial help, there’s no need to dread coming home again to a mailbox full of bills.

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