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Get a Free Financial Assessment from the Credit Counselling Society

By Christi Posner

A free financial assessment from the Credit Counselling Society may be just what you need to become debt-free once and for all. Our certified Credit Counsellors will speak with you about your current financial situation, and help you reach the goals you have for yourself. Want to learn how to begin saving money? Pay off those pesky credit cards? Let us create a plan with you, at no cost! Seriously.

Why Get a Personal Financial Assessment When You Just Need Debt Relief?

Couple Gets Free Financial Assessment From The Credit Counselling SocietyA personal financial assessment from the Credit Counselling Society is an in-depth look at where you are now, and how to get that debt relief you so desperately crave.  Privately and confidentially, your Credit Counsellor will ask you about how much income you bring home every month, and where that money goes. If you’re not sure where your money goes, fear not, we’ll guide you through the process and help you figure that out. Plus, you’ll get your own personal budget to take home too!

We’ll also talk about the items of value that you have, like cars or houses, not because we want them, because those things impact the best way for you to become debt-free. Your debts are another thing we’ll talk about, which is sometimes the hardest part of the whole conversation. We’ll metaphorically hold your hand if you need.

Why go through all of this before exploring the different ways you can get out of debt? Because we’re not here to apply a band-aid to your credit owie. We’re dedicated to giving you real solutions that will get you out of the credit cycle, pay down your debt, and have you build your savings so you never have to borrow again.

We’ll Explore All Debt Solutions from Paying Credit Card Debt Yourself to Declaring Bankruptcy

Debt solutions will be the final part of the assessment, and we’re going to discuss paying down things like credit card debt on your own, declaring bankruptcy, and everything in between. We’re here to give you a neutral overview of all of the ways you can become debt-free, what the payments would look like, and help you figure out what’s best for you and your family.

Contact the Credit Counselling Society for your Free Financial Assessment

Ready for the Credit Counselling Society to give you your free financial assessment? Just ask. You can contact us via email, phone, or anonymous online chat, and set up an appointment to talk about your personal situation with your Credit Counsellor either in person or over the phone.

We love what we do, because we get to help real people find a real way out of debt. We talk privately, hold information confidentially, and act in your best interest. Hope to hear from you soon!

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Worried about debt?

Get help to overcome it.

The sooner you start dealing with your debt, the sooner you see an improvement in your credit report If you need some help getting started with a plan, or if you’re not sure if your budget is realistic, contact a non-profit credit counsellor for free, confidential help. Typically, the earlier you contact us, the more options you’ll have.

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