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Moving from Vancouver, BC to Toronto, ON – How to Manage Costs During the Transition

Teens can help pack when the family relocates from Vancouver to Toronto

Q: My husband has a great opportunity for career advancement, but it means relocating from Vancouver to Toronto. After weighing the pros and cons and considering what our teens had to say, we decided to move our family. He’ll be moving out 6 weeks before the kids and I follow him. Many of our relocation costs will be covered by his company, but I’ve never made a big move like this. What other costs should I plan for during the transition?

A: Congratulations, this is an exciting time for your family! A big move is never easy, so here are some things to keep in mind:

Paying to Maintain Two Homes

Regardless if you’re renting or buying, there will likely be a month or two where costs overlap. If there’s time to save up ahead of time, that’s your best bet, but if not, arranging dates for minimal overlap will be your best strategy.

Getting Connected with New Utilities

Utilities, cell phones, insurance, new identification, and address changes are a few of the costs you’ll face as you get settled. Beyond having utilities connected in your new home, your whole family will need all of their identification updated or changed. This often means paying to have cards replaced. You will also need to transfer car insurance, sign up for provincial health care coverage, as well as put mail forwarding in place.

Look into transferring your cell phone plans and obtaining new local phone numbers, rather than cancelling the plans, so that your costs are less.

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Additional Moving Cost That Aren’t Covered

Pets may need a vet check before they can fly. Find out what your husband’s company will actually pay for. Once the movers arrive to collect and ship your belongings across the country, that’s not the time to find out what you need to leave behind.

Apply for Employment Insurance (EI) Benefits if You Are Eligible

Apply for EI (Employment Insurance) as soon as you are eligible. When you voluntarily move for your spouse’s work, and if you are EI eligible, you are often able to collect EI benefits while you look for work.

Costs While the Family is Separated

Everything from additional long distance phone charges to airport parking and convenience dinners adds up. You may feel the burden of keeping the kids happy throughout the transition time, so set a limit for how much you’re able to spend on extras for them.

Keeping them involved and busy will help keep costs down, as could allowing extra time for them to spend with their friends before they need to leave.

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Once You’re Settled from Your Vancouver to Toronto Move, Get Back to Your Budget

The emotional toll of this busy and exciting time can wreak havoc on your budget with all of the costs you needed to cover. Once you’re settled from your big Vancouver to Toronto move and back to a more normal routine after the transition time, tally up all of your expenses and debt. Make a plan to get back on track quickly, pay off credit card debt and submit any last expenses for reimbursement. Good luck!

Have you ever made a big move? Comment below and share you tips!


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