How Bankruptcy Works

Steps 4-6: Inform Creditors and Attend Meetings

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Creditors Notified of Bankruptcy
Possible Meeting With Creditors and/or OSB

Most people who go bankrupt don’t need to meet with their creditors or the OSB office to explain their circumstances. However, in the event that your situation is not straightforward, you might need to go through these additional 3 steps to obtain your discharge from bankruptcyYour trustee will provide further information if you need to meet with your creditors.

Step 4
Your Creditors Find Out That You Decided to Go Bankrupt

Your trustee will notify your creditors. If you’re required to meet with them, your trustee will advise you of the process.

Step 5
A Creditor Meeting Might Be Called

Not everyone will meet with their creditors. However, if a meeting is called, you will need to attend. The purpose of the meeting is so that creditors can obtain information about the bankruptcy and give directions to your trustee.


Meeting With The Creditor

Step 6
If Required, Attend a Meeting With an Officer of the OSB

The OSB office plays an important role in your bankruptcy process. Sometimes they have questions or concerns that you must respond to under oath. The intent of the examination is to find out about “your conduct, the causes of the bankruptcy and the disposition of your property.” It’s in your best interest to enter into the bankruptcy process with fully honest intentions.

A Common Question About Creditors and the Bankruptcy Process

Continue on to step 7: Attend Two Bankruptcy Counselling Sessions – Meet with a trustee or a designated RQIC (Registered and Qualified Insolvency Counsellor) in order to be discharged from bankruptcy. Discuss and create a plan so that you will not get into financial trouble again. This could be making a monthly budget or learning how to manage credit.

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If you’re struggling to pay your debts and need more information about creditors being notified of your bankruptcy or the 2 mandatory bankruptcy counselling sessions (in order to obtain discharge), contact the OSB. For information about bankruptcy alternatives, contact us right now so that you can make an informed decision.

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