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How To Make Credit Calculators Work for You

Steps to Add Our Website to Your Java Exception Site List:

Open up the Java Control Panel on your computer:

  • On Windows, click Start, click on All Programs, click on the Java folder, and then click on Configure Java
  • On Macintosh, go to Systems Preferences and click on the Java button

Click on the Security tab

Click on the Edit Site List button

Click the Add button

Click in the empty field under Location and enter the following:

Click OK to save what you’ve entered

Click Continue on the Security Warning box that pops up

Press OK to close the Java Control Panel

Close and Restart your web browser for the changes to take effect

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Just so you know we’re not making this stuff up, NASA has these same instructions on their website.

Ready for Some Help?

Our Credit Counsellors are experienced, professionally trained, and really care about helping our clients find the right solutions to their debt problems.


Certified by Great Places to Work Canada
Accredited by Canada’s national association of non-profit credit counselling organizations.
North America’s largest association of non-profit credit counselling organizations.
Accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

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