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Credit Counselling Society Opens New Office in Ottawa, Ontario | Canada | Review

The Credit Counselling Society is pleased to announce the successful expansion of our services with a new credit counselling office in Ottawa, Ontario. Opening the office was Tom Chambers, our first Ottawa Credit Counsellor, who has been kept very busy with nearly a full schedule of clients needing help with their debts.

Welcome Mat

“Each client’s circumstance is unique,” shares Chambers, “so I always review all of their options with them. Sometimes they need help getting started with a better personal budget. Other times they need consolidation options because they’re just not able to keep up with their monthly payments.”

The demand for our services and programs has only increased since opening the office three months ago. Scott Hannah, the Credit Counselling Society’s President and CEO, confirms that with the steady increase in demand for services and programs, as well as how pleased clients are with the quality of service they’re receiving, the Credit Counselling Society anticipates hiring another Credit Counsellor for the Ottawa office sooner than expected.

Hannah commented that, “client feedback about Tom’s level of service and expertise has been outstanding. Anyone in the Ottawa area who is experiencing difficulty with their debts should make an appointment to speak with us.”

What Our Clients Have to Say

In an ongoing effort to become the best credit and debt counselling service in Canada, the Credit Counselling Society often surveys clients about their experience with us and the quality of our service. When our Ottawa clients were asked which part of their first appointment they found to be the most useful, many of them commented how professional, courteous and knowledgeable Tom is. In fact, one client shared, “I did not feel judged and that, to me, was extremely important. The most useful part of the appointment was the clear instruction on what I should do next.” – M.K.

When to Get Help with Debt

If you or someone you know needs help with their debts, don’t delay. The longer you wait, the more you’ll worry and the less options you’ll have available to you. As another client stated, “Tom, thank you for all your help. You have helped to lessen the stress in our home. Thank you for being there, and being 100% helpful.” – M.M.


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