Death, Taxes and Beyond

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Death, Taxes and Beyond
Online Workshop / Webinar

Maybe you’ve heard the old saying: The only things in life that are certain are death and taxes. Certain though they may be for all of us, both topics can still be very difficult for us to talk about, or even to think about. Preparing your financial affairs for your loved ones can sometimes feel like an overwhelming process, but it is an important task with significant benefits. Getting your financial house in order before your death will make things much easier for your loved ones. Let us guide you by taking it one step at a time.

Join us for an interactive and informative session where you will learn how to build your financial foundation and prepare for what life might bring you. By the end of our Death, Taxes and Beyond workshop / webinar, you’ll be able to:

  • Implement a 4-step plan to organize your finances that will make is possible for you to quickly find the paperwork you need
  • Understand the basics of personal taxes
  • Articulate the different types of insurance
  • Define what type of insurance is important to you, your family, and your estate
  • Create an “In the Event of an Emergency” document for your family so they can find important information in case anything happens to you
  • Define the role of an executor in your will
  • Take the next steps to create your own estate plan

This interactive and informative workshop will last 1 hour, with time for questions and discussion. We encourage you to try an idea or two! All participants will be supplied with ideas, resources and the full curriculum upon request.

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