The Truth About Credit

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The Truth About Credit
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Credit can be very confusing to understand. And if we don’t understand it, we might make decisions that will impact our overall credit profile and our personal finances without realizing it.

So what is credit in the first place? Credit can be any money that’s borrowed, and it can also include the act of buying something now, with the promise to pay it back later, typically with an additional fee or interest.

Understanding credit also means understanding how to read your credit report, as well as understanding the differences between your credit report, your credit ratings, and your credit score. It also means knowing what type of actions build your credit score, what type of actions reduce your credit score, and understanding why a credit score is important in the first place.

In our The Truth About Credit webinar (online workshop), we share key information to help you make decisions and take actions that will positively affect your credit and overall financial health. We will show you how to:

  • Identify what’s in it for you to be good with your money and credit
  • Identify what is on your credit report
  • Understand the credit rating system
  • Identify the 5 factors that affect your credit score
  • Check your own credit report
  • Name who may be interested in your credit score/report
  • Identify some myths around credit
  • Identify ways to build your credit
  • Identify some additional resources and information

This interactive and fun workshop will last 1 hour, with time for discussion and questions. We take a “grab and go” approach: grab an idea or two and go try it. All participants will be supplied with ideas, resources, and the full presentation upon request.

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