Food and Finance

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Food and Finance
Online Workshop / Webinar

Two common goals for many of us are being better with our health and being better with our money. This can be challenging when we’re taxed for both time and energy in our regular, daily lives. Not only are we busy with workdays and family time, but the cost of food is continually on the rise. Finding ways to save time and money with our food budget can help us towards both goals at the same time!

Our Food and Finance workshop/webinar is a great place to start! This session is jam-packed with tips and ideas on how to become more organized and savvy about your meal planning, your cooking, and your food shopping. We will help save you time and money while nourishing you and your family with timely and cost-effective meals. This webinar will help you to:

  • Recognize the various factors that impact your food budget
  • Track your food budget so you know exactly what you’re spending instead of what you believe you’re spending
  • Learn how to create and implement a meal plan
  • Save money on your groceries by using price matching, rewards programs, and smart phone apps
  • Make meal preparation easier and less time consuming
  • Learn how to store your food safely
  • Use a slow cooker and other small appliances to save time and money
  • Find low-cost recipes
  • Use mobile phone technologies that can help you save money
  • Find additional supports to help you conserve your spending, especially in leaner financial times

This interactive and fun workshop will last 1 hour, with time for discussion and questions. We take a “grab and go” approach: grab an idea or two and go try it. All participants will be supplied with ideas, resources, and the full presentation upon request.

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Participants will learn how to create healthy and financially sustainable meal plans and tips on frugal meal plans.

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