Home Ownership: Are You Ready?

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Home Ownership: Are You Ready?
Online Workshop / Webinar

Home ownership is often regarded as a milestone in adulthood. In fact, for many residents in Canada, buying a home is one of the biggest purchases and investments they will make in their lifetime. So it’s important to understand the many financial considerations and responsibilities when it comes to home ownership, before making that commitment.

When deciding to purchase a home, one of the first factors many people consider is affordability. While this is certainly an important element, it is not the only one to consider. Knowing what to do, what to expect and which professionals you need to rely on, can be overwhelming if you are new to the process.

The reassuring reality is that we are here to help. In our Home Ownership: Are You Ready? workshop/webinar, we will explore:

  • How to set financial home ownership goals tailored to your personal/family needs, wants, and values
  • Down payment requirements. How much will you need? What programs are available to help?
  • Mortgages. How do you qualify? What are stress tests?
  • How your credit and credit score can affect your mortgage eligibility
  • What lenders look for in a qualified mortgage applicant
  • All the costs of home ownership beyond a mortgage
  • Who can help you navigate the process of purchasing your home

Being prepared in advance for the costs and responsibilities of home ownership can go a long way to making the process smooth and free from unnecessary surprises or disappointments. This session even allows you to try home ownership on for size, and to considering all factors affecting your decision before you take the plunge for real.

This workshop/webinar lasts 60 minutes, with plenty of opportunity for questions and discussion. All participants will be supplied with additional resources, as well as a copy of the presentation, upon request.

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