Mind Your Money: The Psychology of Spending

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Mind Your Money: The Psychology of Spending
Online Workshop / Webinar

Have you ever wondered why you decided to buy a particular item or why you chose one brand over the other? Or have you ever walked into a store intending to purchase one item but left with a handful, or even a basket full?

When it comes to enticing consumers to make purchases, marketers have spent countless dollars and hours towards understanding human behaviour. Everything from the brands, labels, and price of an item has been scientifically analyzed and created to ensure we are tempted to spend. As a consumer, you can arm yourself with knowledge about various marketing strategies so that you can resist temptation.

This “Introduction to the Psychology of Spending,” workshop/webinar, which is the first webinar in our. “Mind your Money” Webinar series, will teach you:

  • How marketers influence your emotions to encourage you to buy things
  • A case study on different brand messaging
  • How technology can lead you to over-spend
  • Different sales methods that retailers use in both in-person and virtual stores
  • How pricing impacts your likelihood to purchase an item
  • Ways in which your friends and family can influence your spending
  • Strategies to become self-aware so that you can protect yourself from marketing tactics!

With this information, you can take a more balanced approach to shopping rather than allowing your emotions to be swayed towards a particular brand, resulting in your unplanned overspending. A newfound sense of awareness into the psychology of money can allow you to become an informed consumer who is less likely to buy impulsively or to spend more money without realizing that you are doing so.

In this interactive and fun webinar we take a “grab and go” approach – grab an idea or two and go try it. All participants will walk away with ideas, resources, and the full curriculum upon request.

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