Vacations on a Budget

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Vacations on a Budget
Online Workshop / Webinar

Everybody loves a good, relaxing vacation. Your ideal vacation might mean time away with your favourite people, or even time away on your own, hopefully where you get to do some of your favourite things. Vacations can be taken out of the country, out of your province, out of your city, or they could even be taken in the comfort of your home as a Staycation.

While a vacation will look different for each of us, one thing is for certain: It’s going to cost some money and could, potentially, impact our personal or family budget. If we’re not careful, we may even be tempted to put our vacation expenses on credit and cause us financial stress. Join us for our Vacations on a Budget workshop/webinar to understand how to plan your vacation well, in order to avoid any feelings of financial stress!

In the Vacations on a Budget workshop/webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Understand the purpose and motivation for taking your vacation
  • Recognize the different types of vacations you can choose from (eg: adventure, sand, sun & surf, driving, sight-seeing, camping, and staycations)
  • Plan for your vacation by exploring
  • Accommodation options (Air B&B, hotel, camping, etc.)
  • The best ways to reduce your transportation costs (flight/train/bus costs, car rentals; etc.)
  • Options for food and eating away from home
  • Ideas for reducing entertainment costs
  • Sharing the cost with friends or family
  • Take care of matters at home while you are away
  • Recognize the high cost of paying for a vacation with a credit card
  • Set a financial goal for your vacation and find out what you need to put away with each pay cheque to save

This fun, interactive workshop/webinar runs 60 minutes, with time for questions and discussion. We take a “grab and go” approach – grab an idea or two and go try it. All participants will be supplied with ideas, resources, and the full presentation upon request.

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Participants will learn a variety of ways to save money while planning and going on vacation so they can have fun without worrying about mon

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