Creditor Communication Checklist

If you’re looking to communicate with your creditors about your debt it is a good idea to understand what you can and cannot say.

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Creditor Communication Checklist & Sample Debt Letters

To help things proceed as smoothly as possible, if you send a letter to your creditors making a special request, it would be a good idea to follow this checklist: 


  1. Make a list of all of your current sources of income.
  2. List all of your weekly and monthly expenses – include all of your spending. Don’t forget to include a monthly estimate of your necessary seasonal expenses.
  3. Consider your assets – what may be at risk if you are not able to pay.
  4. Find out if any of your debts are co-signed, joint or guaranteed. If you are not able to pay, the other person(s) may have to.
  5. Gather your supporting information. Prepare a brief summary of your expenses.
  6. Write a letter to your creditors to briefly outline your situation. See further note below.
  7. Fax or mail your letter and supporting information to your creditors. Keep proof that they received it.
  8. Follow through with all commitments you outlined to your creditors in a timely manner. Make a note on your calendar if you need to send a payment or when you need to provide an update as to your situation.

Caution: The sample letters below may not be appropriate for all types of situations. Please read this note before using these sample letters.

Sample Letters to Creditors

If you’re looking to communicate with your creditors about your debt it is a good idea to understand what you can and cannot say. Below are some sample letters used in common situations when communicating with creditors. Read through the warnings as there are some things if mentioned in writing could trigger acceptance of the debt or extension of the time period they are allowed to legally pursue you for payment.

Reduced Payment Icon

Reduced Payment

For when you can only afford to make partial payments.
Short Period of Time Icon

Can’t Make Payments

For when you can’t make any payments for a short period of time.
Shopping List Icon Purple

Forgiveness of Debt

For when you can’t pay now or in the foreseeable future.

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